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 Music fans just aren't what they used to be, wait let me correct myself there, fans of bands aren't what the used to be. Today's teens don't care about the music anymore in fact I bet if I was to make a band that had Pete Wentz on banjo, Brendon Urie on the triangle, Gabe Saporta on the maracas, Ryan Ross on the bongos and Pete's dog Hemingway on vocals they would become a multi-platinum artist. Why? Because no one cares about the music a band makes anymore its all about their looks. After hearing that Panic! at the Disco was going to be less theatrical a 17 year old girl that had friended me on facebook went off on how that wasn't Panic! that Panic! was the dancers and the make up and thats why she feel in love with them. Never once did she mention their music as one of the reasons she likes them.

         My favorite thing right now is all of the people that are saying OMG I LUVED COBRA STARSHIP BEFORE MTV. Everyone that is currently a Cobra fan probably liked them before MTV in fact this week was the first week they were really on MTV and you know why they were on TRL because all of you that are bitching about them being on MTV are voting for them. HMM that's a little hypocritical isn't it. Where did most of these people discover Cobra? That's right because of Honda Civic Tour and who headlined HCT? That's right Fall Out Boy and where did these people discover Fall Out Boy? That's right MTV.

     Its a tricky web people all weave themselves when they try to pull the I'm better than you because I liked a band before this or that card because that's not what matters. What matters is what the MUSIC means to you not how big a band is or how "hot" you think they are. You could have discovered the band yesterday and like the band more than some of their long time fans because for you its about the MUSIC not the looks. So I want to know what everyone else's thoughts are now and do you still want to claim you are better because you knew about Cobra BEFORE MTV because really that doesn't mean anything.

additions to the band:

hayley williams-yodler
william beckett-accordian
travis McCoy-tambourine
gerard way-"guy playing worlds smallest violin"
frankie iero-kazoo

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